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I have taught various courses while at Durham over the last few years including:

  • General Relativity, Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetism for undergraduates.
  • String Theory, Euclidean Field Theory, Non-perturbative physics and Introduction to AdS/CFT for graduates.

In the past few academic years I was teaching:


  • Phy 250: Special Topics in Physics: Topological Quantum Field Theories (Winter 2016)
  • Phy 110B: Electricity and Magnetism (Spring 2016)


  • Phy 9HB: Honors Physics (Winter 2017)
  • Phy 230C: Quantum Field Theory III (Spring 2017)
  • Phy 250: Special Topics: Applications of the AdS/CFT correspondence (Spring 2017)


In the upcoming academic year I am teaching

  • Phy 9HB: Honors Physics (Winter 2018)
  • Phy 250: Special Topics: Conformal Field Theories (Winter 2018)
  • Phy 150: Special Topics: String Theory (Spring 2018)