I am a theoretical physicist, specializing in areas of string theory, quantum field theory, quantum gravity, and quantum information working at the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC, Davis.

I am also part of the new  Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics (QMAP). This is an exciting development with a focus on bringing together researchers interested in a wide range of topics in theoretical physics.


My main area of research interest is in the field of String theory, especially its applications to Quantum Field Theory and Quantum Gravity.

Much of my work has focussed on using the AdS/CFT correspondence both to learn new lessons about quantum gravity and to model strongly interacting quantum field dynamics. My current interests include:

  • Entanglement, quantum information, and holography
  • Hydrodynamics and non-equilibrium dynamics
  • Effective field theories of open quantum systems

You can find more information about my current research interests in my Research pages.

More usefully, you can find my research papers using the INSPIRE HEP search engine: Publication List.

If you are interested in the AdS/CFT correspondence and Entanglement entropy, you may find the recent book I co-authored with Tadashi Takayanagi, Holographic entanglement entropy, a useful reference. For further details, see my AdS/CFT correspondence pages.


In (2023–24) I am teaching

  • PHY 232:Topics in String Theory (Fall)
  • PHY 260: General Relativity (Fall)

Find more information about my courses in my Teaching pages.


QMAP & Department of Physics
University of California, Davis  
One Shields Avenue Davis,  
CA 95616 USA

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